The Maynwarings

by Digger Cartwright


Follow through the compelling mysteries behind the once peaceful place called The Greenbrier, a massive ranch owned by the prominent and wealthy family, the Maynwarings. Discover what lies beneath the storyís elusive characters such as Giddeon Van Thorn, a suspicious businessman who comes to town for some dark and cunning plan, as well as an unfamiliar man who seeks vengeance over his brotherís untimely death.

Witness how the Maynwarings shield themselves from the powerful blows, threats and controversies. Through a series of trials and tribulations, they try to find their way out of a series of entanglements brought about by mysterious deaths and injustices bestowed upon the innocent.

But as they venture forth, they soon find themselves forced into a sinister game of chance, which ultimately determines the fate of The Greenbrier and the future of Carson City. Will they come out triumphant? Find out in The Maynwarings.